Action Films Through The Ages

Action films have gone through a lot of changes since they were at their most popular ten to fifteen years ago when Sly and Arnie ruled the silver screen. Fortunately though, the latest incarnation of the action film is sure to keep the genre at the top of the box office takings for some time to come.

What we’ve seen with films like the Bourne Identity (and sequels) and the Matrix (and sequels) are action movies with real substance. These films rely on the basic principles of traditional action films but they’ve added intelligent plot lines, gritty realism and a real contemporary twist which are all things that audiences now appreciate.

Gone are the times when cold blooded action, muscle power and cheesy one-liners were key elements. Yes, action fans all own these types of films in their DVD collections, but producers and studios know that this alone won’t be enough to bring in the big-bucks at the box-office.

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