New Action Movie Due For Release

There’s a new Australian movie released called Tomorrow When The War Began. It is based on the first in a series of seven books by popular Australian author John Marsden. Tomorrow When The War Began movie is based on a story of seven teens who go on a camping trip for a week and return to find the country has been invaded by a foreign enemy force.

After finding their homes abandoned and their families held captive in the town’s showground, they decide to work together against the enemy in true guerrilla style. They really have to step up and commit acts foreign to a normal teenager but actions that are necessary in order to save themselves and to try to stop the enemy force. It’s often a me or them scenario at times.

It’s a frightening situation they find themselves in – to come home to abandoned homes and their animals dying from starvation and dehydration; trying to find out what has happened to their families; being chased by enemy soldiers; one of their homes being blown up in front of their eyes; hiding out and trying to get rations to help them survive the ordeal.

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Hot Crime Movies On DVD Or Coming Soon

The DVD market has been infused with a fresh dose of hot movies on DVD that center on lives of crime. Viewers can mainline and get their gangster movie fix by buying, renting, or digital downloading some new titles out now. Crime stories have always had a strong appeal to movie audiences that crave a trip through the seedy and dangerous side of life where illicit deals are made by criminals. The language is coarse, the violence explosive, and the plots gritty. The long running love affair pop culture has with the gangster continues in this current crop of DVD’s.

Director Philip G. Atwell serves up the ultra hot action movie “War”. The story is about a brutal contract killer dubbed the Rogue who knocks off an FBI Agent and his family. This sends his partner Jack down the road of revenge to settle the score. The catch is Rogue has is own scores to settle with rival Triad and Yakuza bosses who run ruthless Asian crime groups. This sparks a bloody crime war between the bitter enemies. This leads up to Jack finally being able to force a showdown with Rogue to satisfy his thirst for revenge. “War” is a well done mix of gun play, fight scenes, gang wars, and some T & A. This is a must see for action junkies. It comes out on DVD January 1st, 2008. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.Com

From Writer-Director Sid Kali comes the gritty independent film “In With Thieves”. An intense crime drama that dives into the multi-cultural criminal underworld. It mixes together a tough-as-nails burglary crew from the mean streets, a Cuban cartel deep into voodoo, ruthless Albanian gangsters, and a blood diamond deal that erupts into deadly violence. This sets off a frenzy of double-crosses and brazen executions that entwine everyone in a bloody conflict that plays out to an explosive ending. “In With Thieves” is an ambitious mix of stylized violence, smart dialogue, and killer plot twists. Director Sid Kali is a strong new voice in urban cinema.”In With Thieves” is is being released on DVD February 8th, 2008. You can pre-order “In With Thieves” at Amazon.Com. WARNING: Pervasive Strong Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Violence, and Drug Use.

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The Hero Archetype in Hollywood Movies

An orphaned boy was raised by his foster parents. One day, a tragic incident killed the kind couple that had taken care of him. The grieving young man embarked on a journey to fight evil. He was then trained by a special teacher that taught him spiritual values. The young man was ready to face the evil overlord, only to found out that his enemy was none other than his own biological father. Sounds familiar? Of course.

Finding patterns in Hollywood movies are not hard. Like myths, tales, and folklore, movies often repeat the same basic storyline over and over. The basic pattern of the character’s story, personality, or behavior has psychological explanations.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) advanced the concept of psychological archetypes. Archetype is an original model of a person, ideal example, or a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. Archetype served as a symbol that everyone can recognize. Some archetypes often appeared in stories, such as, The Child archetype, The Hero, The Great Mother, The Wise Old Man/Woman, The Trickster, The Devil, The Scarecrow, and The Mentor. Archetype as a model of person, personality, or behavior is easy to spot in Hollywood movies. In example, The Hero Archetype.

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Thrill Yourself With Action Movies

The action movies were originally made by US. After this, several other countries also started making them. They are becoming very popular among people because of the several genius writers in the film industry. Actors like Stallone and Schwarzenegger dominated the screen and their films are doing good business because a large number of people like their films. In today’s time, the action movies need to have more of a comedy or love story than just a pure action. To make these type of films these days, one needs a tough female co-star, instead of the conventional scenes of violence. Apart from this, one also needs to add wise cracking comedies , instead of relying on the traditional heavy dialogues.

One of the best action movies is the “Iron Man” that has been rated among the top films of 2008. It casts acclaimed actors plus the cinematography of the film is awesome. In this film, Robert Downey Jr delivers an incredible performance by playing a billionaire playboy. It is basically based on terrorism and suggests some ways to eliminate terrorists from the face of this earth. This film has done great business in almost every country where it has been released. It has been able to allure the viewers with its breathtaking action and drama.

Films like “Lawrence of Arabia,” by reputed film maker David Leans is an adventurous story of an Englishman who inspired the Arabs to fight against the Turks during the World War I. It is one of the most popular movies that depict the war between the Turks and Arabs in clear way. Apart from this, there is “Apocalypse Now”. It is a horrendous movie that clearly shows the critical situation in a war. This film is inspired by noted novelist Joseph Conrad’s bestseller, “The Heart of Darkness”. It is basically the story of an army captain who has been ordered to be killed in the Cambodian Jungles, because he is considered a man of the US military officials.

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The Appeal of Action Movies

Action movies have been around for a long time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting better all the time! More intense, more realistic and they are drawing more people to the theater and rental boxes than ever before. Why the appeal to these types of movies? Young and old alike, men and even a good number of women, genuinely enjoy action movies. Here are just a few reasons why that is;

 Unrealistic Realness

There is little realism to modern action movies. The fights are choreographed to perfection, the sound effects are booming, the visual effects are stimulating and it’s all so real – only, it isn’t real. In fact, some of the events that take place and stunts performed in action movies are near impossible. However, they look real and that makes them fun to watch. In the past, action movies were less realistic and though no one took much notice to the lack of simple effects that could have improved the films, today you can watch those films and at least get a good laugh at an actor “flying” across a room being pulled along by obvious strings. That’s far more real than we want to see our action movies to get. Today they may present the unrealistic, but it’s done in a totally realistic way.

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